Liebherr crane repair service

Avezaat Cranes has responded to the increased demand for fast and reliable repairs and overhauls of your Liebherr mobile crane repairs. The options range from fast service, should a breakdown occur, to a complete overhaul when a crane has become seriously damaged.

Avezaat Cranes delivers a fast repair service for your Liebherr mobile cranes and crawler cranes from our 3 workshops in Holland and Dubai.

We work with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The available capacity of manpower, technical resources and steel materials means short delivery times.

Feel free to contact us for repair services of your Liebher mobile cranes.

Avezaat Cranes is approved of the Germanischer Lloyd Workshop approval and for the procedures for the welding of Crane Structures.

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Liebherr crane repair service

The combination of an extremely efficient process, the availability of special tools and equipment and a high level of professional skill Avezaat Cranes has become a leader in Liebherr crane repair services.

From emergency repairs to regular maintenance, we provide efficient and reliable mobile service that you can depend on. We emphasize good communication with our customers to ensure the job gets done right, with no surprises.

Would you like to know if we can assist you with our Liebherr crane repair service? Feel free to contact us.

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Liebherr crane repair service