For your telescopic boom repairs

Avezaat Cranes repairs damaged telescopic booms

We’re in the business of giving new life to damaged equipment. With our expertise, resources, and materials, we have the capabilities to repair seriously damaged telescopic booms of all makes and types. We believe in restoration, in delivering quality that matches – or even surpasses – the original condition.

Our dedicated team of certified professionals utilizes a wide range of specialized tools and processes to meticulously evaluate and repair each component, ensuring that every boom we restore meets the highest industry standards for safety and performance.

At Avezaat Cranes, it’s not just about the repair. It’s about efficiency, value, and swift turnaround times. Our vast inventory of materials enables us to act quickly, minimizing downtime and getting your equipment back into operation as soon as possible. We understand that in your business, time is of the essence, and we’re committed to providing solutions that respect that.

But our work doesn’t stop with the restoration of your equipment. We’re dedicated to providing ongoing support and maintenance to help you extend the life of your crane and maximize your investment.

Repairing over replacing – it’s a cost-efficient approach, a smart business decision, and a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Choose Avezaat Cranes for your telescopic boom repairs, and experience the difference our expertise and commitment to quality can make.