Frequently Asked Questions


What happens to the guarantee and certification if I have Avezaat Cranes repair a crane?

A guarantee is given for repaired products that is equal to that of the OEM, complete with repair/inspection report. The following points are at the basis here:

  • Work takes place according to our own quality system that is continuously adapted in line with developments in national and international regulations and standards.
  • Consultation and cooperation take place with leading inspection bodies such as Aboma/Keboma, SGS, AIB, RTD, Lloyds, and TÜV.
What is the situation regarding the CE mark for repaired parts?

With an expertly conducted repair – as you are assured of at Avezaat – the CE mark remains fully applicable.

Is a repaired crane just as safe as a new one?

Over the 80 years that Avezaat Cranes has been carrying out these activities it has appeared that working with a repaired mobile crane entails no increased risk. This can be explained by the fact that with a repair the same materials are used as with new build, and the same methods are used as with new build by highly skilled people.