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Avezaat Cranes Announces Strategic Partnership with LVP Cranes Spain to Expand Repair and Manufacturing Services

Avezaat Cranes is pleased to announce its collaboration with LVP Cranes Spain. This strategic partnership will enable both companies to better serve customers in Spain and Portugal by offering comprehensive repair and manufacturing services for lattice and telescopic booms, jibs, and damaged cranes.

As part of this collaboration, LVP Cranes Spain will serve as the official representative for Avezaat Cranes in the Spanish market, dealing with the logistics of transporting damaged crane parts to and from the Netherlands for repair or fabrication. This partnership will streamline the repair process, reduce turnaround times, and ensure optimal performance for customers’ crane equipment.

Bert Avezaat, CEO of Avezaat Cranes, said, «We are excited to partner with LVP Cranes Spain to offer our specialized services in the booming Spanish construction and logistics industries. By joining forces, we can better meet the demands of our growing customer base and further establish ourselves as leaders in the European crane market.»

The collaboration between Avezaat Cranes and LVP Cranes Spain is set to enhance the overall customer experience by offering a one-stop solution for all crane repair and manufacturing needs. Clients will benefit from the combined expertise of both companies, as well as the convenience of a single point of contact for all their crane requirements.

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Avezaat Cranes Announces Strategic Partnership with LVP Cranes Spain